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Dipl. Ing. Matthias Eberlein
Matthias Eberlein (Foto); Analog-Asic
The real world is ANALOG.
I know analog, and it is my passion to design CMOS Integrated Circuits. With over 15 years appropriate experience in various industries, in Germany and Asia, I shall be glad to help you with your urgent ASIC project on contract base (consultant).

I offer expert knowhow in Power Management and related areas. I am good in creating innovative solutions, in transistor-level optimization for best performance, and with excellent analytical capabilities. While I generally appraise sincere communication, you can be sure that the technical expertise offered is reliable.
A professional profile, including CV and references, is available on request. Kindly contact:

Matthias Eberlein, D-71522 Backnang
phone: +49 176 64096100
mail: admin [at]

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